Children’s Stories

My children’s books are dedicated lovingly to all  imaginative, busy, bath-warm, footy-pyjama’d children. My under 2 year old nephews ‘A’ and ‘E’ are my cuddly little muses. My father is my illustrator (M.A. in art, M.M in communication), and I am excited to share the occasional picture from his work. The border of this blog is from his work for my first book. All these books will be available on Amazon, and through my father’s studio website.

The Noble Adventures of Georges and Jean-Luc: The Villain (at the publisher) Two little cousins make a new friend.

Timid Jimmy (with the illustrator) A scared little boy moves to the country and meets an unexpected creature.

Mirabelle’s Menagerie (in production) A practical girl’s imagination runs wild.


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